Speech by Bapak Dr. Iwan Kresna Setiadi at the Welcoming Assembly for the 2023 Student Exchange Programme

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia – Le Fevre High School

To strengthen the bond between Sekolah Pilar Indonesia and Le Fevre High School, Bapak Dr. Iwan Kresna Setiadi and Ibu Trias Widyaningrum visited Le Fevre High School and delivered a speech at the Welcoming Assembly on October 26, 2023, highlighting the importance of education and the student exchange programme. Pak Iwan is a founder and one of the Management Board of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia who consistently supports all school programmes.

In addition to their inspiring words of encouragement, Bapak Dr. Iwan Kresna Setiadi also shared his perspective on the significance of service to others. He reminded the audience that we all have a responsibility to contribute to our communities and make the world a better place.

Below are some responses from the teachers and principal of Le Fevre High School:

Ibu Kirri Minnican, Principal

Pak Iwan’s address to the Le Fevre High School students, staff and community was heartfelt, engaging and full of hope. We were reminded of how privileged we are to live in Australia and have education so easily accessible. By having an opportunity to be educated our lives are richer and opportunities are endless.

Regardless of our position in this community we have the ability to enact change and to give back. We need to have aspirations and know what we want to ensure we are successful. We need to understand that success is not about money or the materialistic things but about those around us.
For Pak Iwan and Ibu Trias to have the vision, heart and overwhelming sense of compassion to open a school for those in need is an inspiration.

Ibu Pru Pole, Coordinator Languages and EALD

Pak Iwan’s address to our students at Le Fevre High School was inspirational for both students and staff. The most memorable message was Pak Iwan’s definition of success, which he has shared with his own son and daughter: Success is measured not by the amount of money or items one has, but by how useful one is to others. This was a wonderful message for our school. Service to others, and to our environment, is so crucial to secure a sustainable, safe and peaceful world for our future generations.

Our school’s relationship with SPI is crucial in fostering transcultural understanding in our school community. The best way to build empathy for others is to spend time with people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. It was wonderful to hear Pak Iwan recount his initial experiences in founding Sekolah Nasional Insan Prima to ensure that quality education was available to children in Jakarta regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Seeing LFHS through the eyes of our visitors has reminded me how lucky our students are to have access to a range of practical and theoretical subjects that can lead them on multiple pathways in the future. The level of engagement as the whole school listened to Pak Iwan was testament to his commitment to education and student wellbeing.

Ibu Kylie Hill, Year 11 Learning and Engagement Leader

It was very special to have Pak Iwan speak at our assembly alongside Ibu Trias, the SPI staff and very talented students.  Our students were silent as we all listened to Pak Iwan’s message about the importance of education and the privilege that it is. It reminded me of the very deep and lasting bond our two schools have and the absolute joy it is to be able to make this exchange happen again. We are fortunate to have this relationship and are grateful to Pak Iwan for always keeping this flame alight. We send our best wishes to our SPI family and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Thank you, all students and staff of Le Fevre High School. We’re thrilled to see our schools thrive together, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our collaborative programmes!