Kolintang: A Gift from Indonesia

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia, as stated in its vision, promotes the preservation of Indonesian culture, even though we are also open-minded to other cultures. We understand that the best way to love our own culture is to take part in living it in our lives. We believe that by playing, studying, and getting involved in our learning, we can preserve our own culture.

It was a good opportunity to show our skills and culture when SMA Pilar Indonesia participated in the Kolintang National Competition in Jakarta. Ten students were sent as our representatives, and they practised very hard to prepare for their performance. We are really proud of our students for their wonderful performance. They performed enthusiastically and expressively in beautiful traditional costumes from all across the country.

Thank you to Bapak Dr. Iwan Kresna Setiadi as the Management Board, Operational Board, parents, and all music teachers for their support of the kolintang team.