Bridging Cultures: The Importance of Intercultural Awareness for Global Citizens

In line with the IB philosophy to promote international-mindedness, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia has been building this spirit by having a great relationship with Ritsumeikan Keisho High School, Hokkaido, Japan for two years. The intercultural programme gives students the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

On September 19, 2023, Grade 7 to 9 students had an online meeting to share about their school and daily lives. It was a good opportunity for students to improve their communication skills, intercultural awareness and understanding. Grade 9 opened the meeting as host, followed by presentations from both schools and discussions in breakout rooms. 

Another opportunity was on October 5, 2023, when Grade 10 met online with high school friends to share about destinations to visit in both countries. Students learnt about different cultures and perspectives, which can help them to develop a more global outlook. 

We are working hard to continue this programme for years to come, and even to expand it by finding more schools from other countries to have exchange programmes with SPI students. It is truly wonderful to see our students getting to know other people from other places, as this is the genuine environment for them to learn to be knowledgeable as they learn more about other cultures and to be open-minded as they show respect for the differences in those cultures.