Sekolah Pilar Indonesia K-12 Library

We are very fortunate to have over 10,000 items in our school library and it is growing everyday. Most of these items are available for loan, allowing teachers and students to read or listen to the information in detail. Enrolled students and all teachers automatically have the right to use the library, but with this right also come responsibilities.

  1. Library users must borrow the items correctly and to allow the process to proceed smoothly, it is better if library users can memorise their own library number.
  2. Library users should do their best to return materials on time – others may be waiting.
  3. Although there are no library fines for late returns, books which are lost or damaged must be paid for in full.
  4. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s use of library books at home by:-

1) Ensuring that the children use the plastic pocket supplied by the school, to carry library books and readers to 
and fro.

2) Ensuring that children do not write in library books, do not tear library books and do not fold over the pages 
of library books.

3) Ensuring that library books are kept out of the reach of younger siblings and away from pets.

4) Ensuring that books are never left outside (it might rain) and are not taken into the bathroom.

Library books, including readers, are for the use of all school personnel and need to be treated with care and respect. If a book is damaged please report it to the school – don’t try and repair it yourself.