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Grade 2 Exploring Weather through Experiments

“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” -William Blake

Grade 2 students have currently explored a unit under the theme How the World Works.  The central idea for this unit is “Weather Impacts Our Daily Lives”.  As the summative assessment task, Grade 2 students held a weather mini exhibition on Thursday, 9th March 2016.

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Let’s Protect Nature!

Grade 4 students have just explored a unit about natural resources. They have looked at the value of renewable and non-renewable resources, the conflicts that arise between humans and wild animals over finite resources and causes of conflicts between human and nature. Throughout the exploration, the students were engaged and asked a lot of questions. They watched movies, had discussions and invited guest speakers to enhance their understandings.

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Grade 1 Exploring Forces through Games

Grade 1 students are currently exploring a unit under the theme How the World Works.  “Knowledge of the impact of forces helps us to understand how the world works” is the central idea for this unit.  For the provocations, students played some games. They played tug of war, frisbee, bowling, soccer and javelin.

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