Welcome to Sekolah Pilar Indonesia’s website.

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia is a national school for children from Toddler to Grade 12. This school year is the seventeenth year we have been providing best practice education for the community in Cibubur.

Our current enrolment of around 300 students uses English as the language of learning and receives instruction based on the inquiry process. The emphasis is on individual academic and developmental needs with less emphasis on the use of textbooks.

The school believes that the success of the students depends on the school and parents working together, and parents are invited to share their hobbies, expertise and family stories with their child’s class. Parents may also contribute to the enjoyment and success of their child’s schooling experience by supporting the Home Reading Programme and the completion of homework assignments. The Communication Book is an important way of keeping in touch with your child’s classroom teacher and should be read and signed daily and also used to ask questions about your child’s learning. Other concerns should be addressed to us as the Operational Board.

Parents will be kept informed on a regular basis about what’s happening in the school through the Semester Overview, Monthly Overview and Weekly Planner.  If you have any questions about the programme, please ask your child’s teacher first.

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia is able, at the moment, to welcome new students for enrolment at any time of the year. Places are limited in some classes, however. Parents may accompany their child/children for a tour of the school and book for a day trial in the classroom with Sekolah Pilar Indonesia friends and teachers.

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia
Operational Board