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Community Service Strengthens Our Community
Written by SPI   
Thursday, 12 June 2014 12:57
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Contributing to the community has always been one of the main concerns of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia. Elderly people who live near the school were recently welcomed on campus, as part of a charity programme, to help them monitor their health. Some parents were involved in this event. They voluntarily helped to check the blood pressure of the elderly and donated medicine. As part of the community, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia aims to contribute basic necessities and education while preserving our culture. We believe that giving back to community brings people together and strengthens the community itself.

Survival of the Fittest
Written by SPI   
Monday, 09 June 2014 14:29
Adinda Audi - Beach
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Adinda Audi - Beach
Anaya Kalbuadi - Swamp
Aurelia Diandra - Polar Ice
Ellyana Melati - Rocky Pool
Gabriel Marpaung - Desert

Recently Grade 5 students explored how living things adapt to their environment. They inquired into the central idea ”Over time living things need to adapt in order to survive” under the transdisciplinary unit “Sharing the Planet”.  Students tuned into the unit by watching some videos about animals and plants living in their specialized habitats. They then investigated the concept of adaptation and how living things have changed in response to their environment.

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Grade 6 School Exams
Written by SPI   
Saturday, 24 May 2014 09:33

Grade 6 students have followed the School Exams held on 19th – 24th May 2014. May you get the best result! Keep being lifelong learners, Grade 6!

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