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We Are Proud of Our Country and Her Diversity

On 10th of March, 2017, Grade 7 students presented what they have learnt to their parents at the Parent Presentation. We prepared the parent presentation for roughly five weeks. The students actively participated in the process. They wrote the script and as soon as the scriptwriters finished the script, they immediately practised. We made the properties and practised using them. We also decided that the drama would have comedy element in it, to entertain the audience and help them understand the storyline better.

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Grade 8 Parent Presentation: Thinking before Acting is Wisdom, but Acting before Thinking is Regret

Parent Presentation is a way to show our learning to parents and it allows us to show our creativity. On March 3rd, 2017 Grade 8 students presented what we have learnt in front of parents and our friends from other grades. We prepared the performance for about three weeks. First, we discussed the theme from a topic we’ve learnt at Civics (Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan), which was “corruption”. Then, we discussed the story line. The scriptwriters wrote the script and the teachers and our principal gave some suggestions. We then practised reading the script and after that we practised the play using props. The teachers supervised our rehearsals and the coordinator directed most of the scenes with some suggestions from other students.

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Grade 9's Waroeng Mancay

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, Grade 9 Manchester held a DT (Design Technology) project, which was to create a restaurant. It was located in our classroom, Grade 9 Manchester. Our restaurant’s name was “Waroeng Mancay”. We chose to serve western foods in our restaurant. We really enjoyed the process of preparing everything and did our part, because through this project, we learnt to cooperate with each other by doing the best in our job, and we also learnt how to manage a restaurant effectively.

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